[Watch] Reinventing Learning at HP with Brain Candy

Watch the replay of this webinar with HP’s Global Head of Talent & Learning, Mike Jordan. Mike shared how HP has created a dynamic learning culture by transforming the way their employees develop, connect and learn through ‘Brain Candy’ – their cutting-edge learning platform.

In this webinar you will find out how:

  • HP launched Pathgather across 70 countries in only 14 weeks.
  • Learners collectively completed 118,000 pieces of voluntary learning content, covering 2,500 different job skills since launching in June 2016.
  • HP offers its employees on-the-go access to more than 15,000 learning resources, out of which 5,000 peer-recommended and 2,400 skills tagged to content.
  • Brain Candy stimulated ongoing learning, reaching to 30% monthly active users within 50,000 employee population.

Watch the replay