[Watch] The 3 L&D questions every company must answer

Artificial intelligence, internet of things, augmented/virtual reality — these are technologies of society-molding magnitude. All that we can say with confidence is that their impact will be profound and widespread. The coming wave of technological disruption will leave no organization or industry untouched. While companies weathered disruption in the past and went on to thrive, it’s different this time around, because the pace of change isn’t just rapid, it’s accelerating. That means companies won’t just have to reinvent themselves once in a generation — they’re going to have to reinvent themselves continually.

To take advantage of everything this new era has to offer, there are three questions every company must answer.

Tune into this webinar lead by Pathgather CEO, Eric Duffy, to find out what those 3 questions are and how to answer them. Thursday, May 3rd at 1pm ET.

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