Solutions for learning, talent and business teams

Engage and retain your people

  • Increase your relevance and engagement with employees by delivering a mobile, consumer-friendly and social platform built around their needs.

  • Retain your people longer by offering personalized learning that points them towards career progression and isn't limited to highly produced formal learning.

  • Build loyalty and community among your lifelong learners and subject matter experts by offering new ways to recognize learning, encourage development and give recognition.

Gain control and visibility of your learning

  • Boost engagement rates of your existing content and technology investments by utilizing analytics and powerful content promotional tools to market learning to the right audiences.

  • Capture valuable business intelligence that can inform talent and staffing strategies by integrating internal recruiting and rich labor market data.

  • Respond faster and more effectively to business units to create and curate new learning initiatives guided by real-time demand data.

Accelerate knowledge sharing within business units

  • Enhance group productivity and make it easier to integrate new hires by providing a central place to store, access and organize learning resources from everywhere.

  • Increase the volume and quality of shared knowledge by offering a friction-free curation and discovery experience that doesn't require training to get started.

  • Improve the impact of time spent learning with machine learning that sorts and ranks content recommendations based on user-generated and socially created data.

Drive internal mobility and talent outcomes

  • Reduce talent acquisition costs and attract top talent by offering a delightful learning experience and meaningful career development to potential hires.

  • Boost team productivity and help teams form more efficiently by encouraging skill acquisition and enabling greater visibility of the skills of your organization.

  • Build talent pipelines and fill needed positions for business teams by taking advantage of skill development plans that align with roles that are in-demand.

"Pathgather is helping Visa deliver an engaging and personalized learning experience to employees at scale"
Gordon Trujillo
Senior Director
- Visa University
"Pathgather has been a great vendor to work with. They are responsive, flexible, and personable in every interaction."
Tim Collins
Senior Learning Solutions Manager - T-Mobile
"We worked with Pathgather to launch a branded learning experience in 14 weeks. They have been fantastic partners."
Mike Jordan
Global Head, Talent and Learning - HP

Just some of the ways we can make your life easier

Use Cases

Technical & digitally-enhanced skills

Help product, engineering and marketing departments keep up with the newest technologies. Offer access to the huge universe of cheap or free training, whether it is learning to master Salesforce, basics of data science, or how to use Slack.

Leadership & soft skill development

Enhance in-person leadership programs with digital gatherings that curate, share and develop together alongside or after the program ends. Utilize micro-learning content for just-in-time soft skill development for customer-facing and internal roles.

On-boarding & manager training

Create highly flexible on-boarding and manager training programs that can be collaboratively edited like a wiki to evolve and improve over time. Saves money and time from content development while improving time-to-productivity.

Mentorship & coaching

Assist mentorship and coaching with a trackable way to recommend content that is timely and connected to broader goals. Skill Development Plans give greater control and visibility into learning taking place and the outcomes being delivered.

Communities of practice

Empower communities in your company that choose to learn in a collective fashion. Increase the speed at which your teams can share, consume and enrich knowledge with each other, leading to greater capabilities for the company.

Digital transformation & change management

Support your internal communication team and create engagement around new initiatives with learning experiences. Deepen internal engagement with your company values and vision with a fully branded platform.