A beautiful and engaging experience

Pathgather was designed to provide single point of access for an engaging, employee-driven learning experience

Consumer-grade UX

A simple yet elegant user experience that brings joy and delight to users whether accessed via mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Personalized discovery

Machine learning delivers personalized learning recommendations providing a unique journey for every employee.

Your learning brand

Make it your own, a white-labeled experience that creates shared ownership and drives greater engagement from your people.

Curious to know more about the platform?

Unify learning resources


Plug-and-play integrations from the most popular LMSs, learning content providers, HRIS, LRS and your internal HR systems.


Fast, dynamic search experience simplifies access to your content library and people.

White Label

Customizable design scheme to make the platform your own and provide a branded experience for your employees.

Empower your employees

Learning paths

Bring together content from various sources in a powerful path-creator with collaborative editing.


Create learning groups for teams and business units to enable better sharing and knowledge flow.

Team dashboard

Provide employees and managers with the data and tools to plan and manage development and support team growth.

Deliver business impact

User Reporting

Rich data on how learners are engaging with content and others learners on the platform.

Content Insights

Insights into demand for content, skills and expertise help you understand and manage your most important learning initiatives.

Content tools

Powerful editorial and targeting tools to promote learning and manage content at scale.

Built for enterprise

Pathgather is built around the needs of large enterprises. We offer a unique, branded experience that fits your culture, identity and existing systems. We collaborate closely with you to drive adoption and performance.

Enterprise technology standards

Secure, reliable, private

Your data deserves the best. That's why we host everything within the world class Amazon Web Services cloud and use military grade AES-256 encryption to keep it secure, both in transit and at rest.

Architected for tomorrow

Our backend platform, web client, mobile apps, and developer API are powered by cutting-edge technologies like React, React Native, GraphQL, Postgres, and Elasticsearch (just like Facebook and Google). The world moves pretty quick; you need a partner who can keep up.

Truly extensible

Give your team the power to build custom applications, integrations, and reports via our highly flexible developer API. We'll handle the messy parts behind the scenes so your developers can focus on solving the unique needs of your business.

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