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8 New Years Resolutions for Learning and Development Professionals

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“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” -Henry Ford

“You can’t invent the future if you cling to out-of-date ideas, even if they’ve worked in the past.” -Bill Taylor

To some New Years Resolutions are cliched, but as Learning & Development professionals, growth mindset is in our DNA and starting off the year with goals and ambitions is not only natural but mission critical to learning, growth, and achieving success. Over the last week, I’ve spoken to a few L&D professionals who are on the cutting edge of the profession and here are some of their resolutions:

Rethink learning strategy as we know it

2018 brings a lot of change to Qualcomm. We are planning the close of the largest acquisition in our history, and with that comes the opportunity to rethink our learning strategy, begin new initiatives, and revamp our programs. Without a doubt, a key part of our strategy will be to ensure that all employees have access to quality learning resources when they need it. To that end, we will relaunch the Pathgather platform with the fresh version 2.0 by the end of this year. The enhancements to the platform are critical, and we will partner closely with Pathgather to ensure that it is a success.

– Villetta Reeves, Senior Learning and Organizational Development Manager at Qualcomm

Provide an empowering learning experience for employees

The new year is upon us, one full of potential. The Pharmacovigilance Learning Center’s (LC) mission for 2018 is to simplify our training offerings, so our customers receive only the training that they need. Part of this simplification includes getting away from the current training mentality and developing a learning mindset. We are a compliance-heavy organization, which results in our customers being bombarded with training, while achieving a low level of learning. We want to provide information in smaller chucks so it is more easily absorbed and retained.

In parallel, we are evaluating technologies that can empower our Learners to learn from each other, while giving them more control over their learning experience.

We welcome the challenges that 2018 will bring.

– Shahzad Ali, Head of Pharmacovigilance Learning Center at Bayer

Continued growth of learning culture

“Our resolution for Visa University is the continued growth of the learning culture and executing on our CEO’s goal that everyone in the company experiences our learning content at least twice in 2018. We are adding a new focus on “teaching” that gives us a step change for growing the learning culture. We also want to take our concept of learning fitness to the next level by focusing rolling out growth mindset learning content throughout the company. Finally, we plan to expand our focus on learning analytics with a new role, “the learning data engineer,” someone who can operate across the data stack, i.e engineering, visualizations, data science concepts and AI concepts.”

– Gordon Trujillo, Sr. Director at  Visa University

Provide more visibility into career options

“One of our big resolutions for next year is to provide better career support to HP employees. We want to help them elevate what they can do in their role as well as provide visibility into career options. That includes learning content on how to build a personal brand, network within the company, and discover new opportunities. The final piece of that is to provide resources in Brain Candy to develop the skills they need to move ahead.”

– Michael Jordan, SVP Global Talent & Learning at HP Inc.

Shift the learning mindset from push to pull

“One of our resolutions at 84.51° for this year is to support the shift in learning mindset from the traditional “push” mindset to more of a “pull” approach. Our people are highly technical and, in many ways, already operating this way. Our goal is to make the learning experience easier. We’ll start by expanding access to BrainWaze (our internally branded version of Pathgather), to all employees, and making learning resources more robust and easily accessible.”

– Annette Brown, Talent Development at 84.51

Support employees at the speed of business

“Philips Lighting is in the midst of disruptive change, and we are changing the way the learning function operates to align with the speed of our business. The focus will be on our Fit-For-Future” program. Just like in sports, playing a perfect match requires the right mindset, skill, and practice. Besides Education, we will promote learning by Exposure and Experience. With our new recognition program, we will reward people who deliver value to others by sharing information and offering learning-by-doing to their peers. In this way, we enable a new learning culture, driven by the learner, powered by managers, where our people have access to the right learning opportunities at the right time using the most suitable medium. We will identify a metric which is a leading indicator of Learning Effectiveness which also correlates Employee NPS. In this way, we will stimulate the brightest minds to bring Lighting beyond illumination.”

– Hans Ramaker, Sr. Director Learning Innovation & Technologies at Phillips Lighting

Provide a collaborative learning environment

“2018 is going to be all about providing our people with all the necessary opportunities and tools, to collaborate while they acquire new knowledge and work experience. We’ll do this by providing connections between multiple platforms and vendors; creating and curating new social journeys within our organization through the use of learning paths with access to our thought leaders. We’ll be using machine learning and predictive insights to support and promote, as they build-up their profile of capabilities and interests.

The future is now!”

– Lee Schubert, Social Learning & Collaboration at Dimension Data

Build a formal learning function

“As a startup, we embrace learning, but because we are so busy it happens on the fly, but in some cases, it doesn’t happen at all. Our New Year’s Resolution this year is to create a formal learning program. We are doing this by creating an official learning budget, hosting regular lunch & learns led by different members of the team, and carving out time during the week to learn and share those learnings with the rest of the organization in Pathgather.”

-Eric Duffy, CEO of Pathgather

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution you want to share? Let us know and we add it to this post!

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