How It Works

The Pathgather platform turbo-charges corporate learning and development by unifying a complex enterprise learning ecosystem, aligning learning to what the business needs to stay competitive, and empowering employees with a fun and engaging experience.

Learning is scattered

Learning resources live in dozens of apps, websites and systems within and external to your organization. Even motivated employees don't know where to look. They need help.

We bring it all together

Pathgather consolidates all learning in one place while providing administrators control over and visibility into everything that's happening. Learning discovery couldn't be simpler.

Align learning to skill gaps

Data-driven recommendations and personalized discovery point your people in the right direction - towards the learning resources that improve performance and advance their career.

Agile Project Management

715 Resources

Salesforce Administration

480 Resources


872 Resources

Mobile Product Designer

Lou Sparks
  • UI/UX
  • Sketch Design
  • iOS

Sales Development Executive

Jacob Proffer
  • Salesforce
  • PowerPoint
  • Contracts

Unlock employee potential

Deliver strategic and economic value to managers and business units by enabling self-directed learning and supporting the growth of highly skilled and productive teams.

Empower employees at the speed of business

The days when you could take months to create training are over. What’s needed now is an agile approach that empowers your experts and managers to help make learning happen.

Data analysis for everyone
How to handle personal info Saba
Customer data sources Dropbox

Data Analysis 101

by Jamie Davidson
  • Data Analysis
  • Big Data
Winston Pike
This was a super helpful path. I didn't even know these resources were available to us. :)
Chelsea Crawford
Wow. Thank you so much. This saved me a ton of time and I now feel more confident advising my team. Complete

Pathgather makes it easy for anyone to curate learning paths, which enables fast and effective peer-to-peer learning.

Support learning everywhere

Adapt to individual needs. Make learning available when and where your employees are. Get them the right information to make the most of their time.

Not just for commuters; Field salespeople, franchisees, retail clerks, and factory workers can access and consume learning resources in their work environments.

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