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Gather Around: What We Learned at Our First User Conference


Last week we hosted our very first user conference, Gather 2015, at the sunny San Diego campus of our very first customer, Qualcomm. We don’t have much to compare it to, but I’d call Gather a huge success (I think a few of our clients will back me up here). I wanted to share a few lessons from my perspective.

All that energy, all in one place

I’ve worked with clients my entire, albeit relatively short, career. I can honestly say that I’ve never had the pleasure of working with a more creative, passionate, and lively group of clients. It was amazing to witness the sheer energy with which every person spoke about making learning and development at their organization better for everyone. I think I speak for the entire Pathgather team when I say it was truly humbling to realize that we work with such a unique and talented set of professionals.

Still the new kid on the block

In many senses, Pathgather is still the new the kid on the block. By contrast, the majority of our customers are household names. This fact astounds me every time I think about it, and it is incredible to see how much support we have behind us.

The good and the bad

We learned a lot about what our customers think we do exceptionally well, what we do moderately well, and where we need to step it up. As a growing startup, this kind of feedback is critical to our success and to the future of our company. It feels a lot like tough love (in the best way possible), and we can only be thankful we have clients as committed to our success as we are.

Connecting a community of connectors

We’ve worked extensively with our clients, but Gather provided an opportunity for our clients to really get to know one another. Much to our delight, everyone is interested in keeping in touch in the days, weeks, and months following the conference. We’re aiming to support this via Pathgather soon!

Looking ahead to Gather 2016

If the historical evolution of our company is any indicator, who knows where we’ll be a year from now – but Gather 2015 sure gave us a ton of ideas. We left the conference with a renewed list of to-dos, but also a renewed commitment to tackling that list. We are excited to continue traveling down this path (sorry, I had to) and transforming the face of enterprise learning along the way.

See you at Gather 2016!

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