Turning learning into opportunity

We're on a mission to help employees grow their careers within your organization. In a rapidly changing world, we believe the only way society keeps up is for organizations to become the universities of the 21st century, and we're proud to be building products that help them do just that.



Eric Duffy

I was inspired to build Pathgather after teaching experiences in China as a Princeton in Asia fellow and witnessing the transformative potential of online learning while developing a water cistern project in South Africa. With a background in architecture, I’m passionate about broadening access to education and opportunity through thoughtful, human-centered design.


Neville Samuell

I’ve always been building things. Blanket-powered spaceships, websites, robots, teams and businesses... My love of learning has always guided me from one opportunity to the next. I caught the startup bug while studying engineering and have since held product roles at companies like BlackBerry, Avvasi and Bridgit.

VP of Customer Success

Jenna Drapkin

I have spent a large part of my career building enablement programs for employees, customers, and partners, most recently at Sailthru. While learning is my passion, my greatest joy is when customers see fantastic ROI from Pathgather. I love to learn through travel and experiencing other cultures.

VP of Business Development

John Ohrenberger

I'm entirely too curious. At any given point it's a safe bet I'll be on either Quora or Youtube researching something. This curiosity has guided my career as I've navigated the world of sales and business development at innovative startups. It's also what motivates me every day to improve our learners' careers and execute on Pathgather's mission.

VP of Product

Josh Painter

Recovering developer turned product guy, I've spent the last decade helping companies such as Intel, Apollo and now Pathgather build products that improve lives. A former expat, I am fortunate to have called home such diverse places as Bordeaux, Oslo and Dublin - a journey which has made me appreciate the importance of lifelong learning. I'm a father of four, an avid golfer and a die-hard Tottenham Hotspur fan. (edited)

VP of Marketing

Brad Zomick

I'm always learning something new; most recently parenting. I became fluent in Mandarin late in life (who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks) and am a self-taught marketer, mostly via online courses. I co-founded the career site SkilledUp, which was acquired by Apollo Education Group. Before arriving at Pathgather, I served as Director of Content Marketing at Pipedrive.

Advisors + Investors


Tamar Elkeles

Tamar is the Chief Talent Officer at Atlantic Bridge Capital. Before that, Tamar was the Chief Learning Officer at Qualcomm, where she created the Qualcomm Learning Center to meet the learning and development needs of a rapidly growing and changing high technology company.


Kevin Wilde

Kevin is the former CLO of General Mills and has spent his entire career in the corporate learning and development function. He trains current and future CLOs at Chief Learning Officer Magazine's CLO Accelerator program and is a member of Training Magazine's Hall of Fame.


Allison Rossett

Allison is Professor Emerita of Educational Technology at San Diego State University and a consultant in learning and technology. She is also a member of Training Magazine’s HRD Hall of Fame and serves on the Boards of the Elearning Guild and Chief Learning Officer.


Joseph Fuller

Joe is a professor at Harvard Business School, where he also co-leads HBS's Future of Work project. Prior to HBS, he spent two decades as CEO and part of the founding team of Monitor Group, a leading management consulting organization. He has published extensively on the skills gap. He serves on the board of trustees of Western Governor's University.


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Our Partners

We partner with the leading HCM solutions, learning content providers and service organizations to provide a tailored experience for each of our clients.

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Our values

Set the bar at delight

We believe in craftsmanship and the attention to detail that make customers smile. We will take the extra time to add polish and get the experience right.

Always be improving

We are keenly aware that we can all be better at our jobs. Rather than hiding our deficiencies, we support each other to fill our own skill gaps and pave the way for others.

Challenge convention

We treat convention with a skeptical eye and encourage our team to solve problems in new ways.

Do big things

We never stop striving to take big steps forward, we're not interested in just making incremental improvements.

Stay lean

We are extra mindful about the importance of focus and the enormous costs of wasted time, effort and resources. So we are always looking at how we spend our time and seek to do more with less.

Careers at Pathgather

Customer Success Associate

Master the inner workings of a full enterprise learning platform and translating that expertise to customers. Apply Now

Customer Success Manager

Our Customer Success Managers run the entire show - onboarding, implementation, engagement, and strategy. Apply Now

Backend Engineer

As a Backend Engineer you'll be responsible for everything from architecture through implementation and testing. Apply Now

Frontend Engineer

You'll be working on our React web & mobile apps and responsible for everything from architecture through implementation and testing. Apply Now

Product Manager

Working with our product team to write clear and actionable requirements, sitting with engineering throughout our sprints, and following up with both product marketing and customer success as your features are released to the world! Apply Now

Sales Executive

You'll be selling directly to some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world which will be both extremely challenging and rewarding. Apply Now